Monday, November 30, 2009

Munnsai & Dunnsai

Here's my custom 8" munny called Munnsai and the first of a small run I'll be doing of Dunnsais.

Munnsai will be on sale December 4th @ 3:00pm on Gorilla Mouth

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall of Toy

This is my custom for the "States Filling Plates" show curated by Bryan Collins. It's called "Fall of Toy" and it's story is below. You can check out additional pictures on my flickr page and I will hopefully get some outdoor shots before I send him off. Hope you enjoy.

Toy was once the mightiest of all stone giants to walk the land of Tu'R'Land. Stomping, smashing, and causing chaos for all who chose to live on his land, he didn't have a care in the world except to have more fun as he fondly called it. Toy's demise came in the form of a small boy, from a tiny village, who pleaded to Toy to stop his menacing destruction. "You may challenge me to one thing and one thing only, if I fail then I shall leave your puny village alone." Toy knew he couldn't fail such a small challenge and had no intention of sparing the boy's village if he did lose. The boy thought for a minute then suddenly shouted "I challenge you to scratch your own back!" Such a futile attempt thought Toy "I accept your challenge, but I'm sorry to inform you your village is doomed." Toy quickly reached for the small of his back and was met with a KRRRAACCKKK, Toy's right arm fell to the ground in front of him. Little did the boy know that this significant loss meant the end of the arrogant giant. Toy quickly leaned forward to try to grab his arm before his fate was sealed but the giant knew too well that his reign was now over and let out a pitiful "help" as his body froze in place.