Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Resin Heads

Jeremy Brautman posted this article on twitter earlier today, for the most part I can agree and see where they're coming from with everything. Although, this line perturbed me a bit "But the days of small run productions are over."

Obviously the person who wrote this article, has never heard of the resin toy makers out there. I think the cost of producing vinyl, coupled with the ease of setting up your own resin operation go hand in hand. By taking out the big companies and all the back and forth with a vinyl factory in China, resin toy makers take on all aspects of what they produce. Also by doing so, the artist/creators stand to gain more $$ from a popular piece.

I say let the big guys keep doing what they're doing, but the rise of resin will keep coming and coming as time goes on. Anyone with the time and space can create their own designer toy these days. Same goes for vinyl, but with a hell of a lot more overhead and product on their hands. If it doesn't sell, I'd much rather be stuck with 10-15 resin pieces than 100-200 vinyl pieces.

While I'm very very thankful for what customizing vinyl has done for me, this article definitely makes me want to strive to get back to my roots and start producing my own toys again. Waiting around for your big break accomplishes nothing, get out there and do the work yourself. The 'Toy Karma' (Thanks for the new term Mark Nagata) will come back around, it just takes the time and dedication for it to do so.

I was just talking to someone yesterday who said they wish more product would come out and less customs would happen. While I enjoy both sides, I totally agree with what they're saying. The bigger companies we expect to turn out what they do, but the fresh breath of the scene is coming from those who are giving us new toys that haven't been done and putting their heart and sweat into each piece.

Ok rant over, take it for what you will. I'd love to hear what all of you think.


  1. Love seeing posts like this by the actual artists who are out there doing what other people (like myself) just write about. I truly have no sense of what it takes to produce my own line of figures (resin at home, or vinyl in a factory) but anything that gets more of the money and more of the praise to the actual creator, faster, seems like the best way to go to me. It's a shame that the production portion can take away so much time from the creative aspect but it's still faster and more productive than shipping a prototype back and forth, or dealing with a disinterested 3rd party, for constant changes over a year (I'd assume).

    I'm pretty much over "production" toys anyway. I'd rather support an artist than a company and your approach and the approach of artists of your ilk, are the folks I'd like to see succeed.

  2. Hehe, now I feel a little bad for sending you Munko! ;3 No actually as an artist I've really felt the pull away from customizing and toward original creations. For me this doesn't mean making toys since I'm horrible at sculpting, but old fashioned 2D painting instead. That being said though, I think a lot of places are just passing on what would be amazing pieces IF they were produced. Lou's custom Arcos immediately springs to mind!