Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Qee to the City Preview Page & Venue Change

The preview page is up for the "Qee to the City" show if any of you are interested in buying the massive 20" custom Qees. So far only my custom "Bodhi" and Kevin Gosselin's custom "Scotty the Bearbarian" are up, but the other 6 customs will be added once their pics have been submitted.


Kevin Gosselin's "Scotty the Bearbarian"

Also, for any of you attending Art Basel, the Qee to the City show has changed venues. It will now be held at:

Miami’s Independent Thinkers | ART BASEL 2010
Location: Casa Wynwood (2135 NW 1st Court)
Time: 4:00PM Thursday, December 2nd

For more details, head over to the Wizard Sleeve Toys blog.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bodhi (20" Qee Custom)

Well I worked for another 12.5 hours or so again yesterday, but the good news is that I got the 20" qee done!! I know I missed a lot of WIP in there at the end, but I'll load up the rest of what I have later. I figured you'd all rather see this mammoth of a custom finished instead ;) This thing was a lot of fun and a hell of a challenge, I gladly present to you "Bodhi"

I also did a short video of it as well.

The Temple of Bodhi is revered as one of the most sacred sites in Tu'R'Land. Only the strongest in mind and body can make the trip to the top. It's said that most that make it to the top, are never seen again. Those who do return, spread the word of knowledge and social progress. Hoping to help change the minds of those who have given in to Mafic's tirade.

Mafic knew that the Temple of Bodhi stood in his way of conquering Tu'R'Land, so he sent his dark minion Bedlam to do his dirty work. Striking a blow that reverberated across the land. Mafic's henchman not only desecrated holy ground, he awakened the slumbering temple giant Bodhi. Upon Bodhi's awakening, Bedlam fled to tell his master of the giant's awakening. Taking the ear of Bodhi with him to prove that he had not failed Mafic.

Bodhi now searches the land for those responsible for destroying his temple and awakening him from years of deep meditation. Adding another member of light to battle against Mafic and his dark quest.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

20" WIP Update - Final Sculpts & Basecoat

I know I've been drawing out these WIP pics, but I just wanted to share all of the work that goes into a giant custom like this. Finally in this batch you get to see it all pull together with the basecoat. I did do more sculpting work on the beak, but I forgot to take a pic before I sprayed it. Although this piece is now fully painted and I've moved onto final details, this will probably be one of the last previews I share publicly until it's complete. If you're following the newsletter though, I'll be doing another batch of pics through there with a little more insight about the theme and everything going on with this piece. So if you'd to see more, make sure you're signed up for the newsletter ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

20" Qee Gets A Beak

"A beaked bear?!?" You might be asking yourself, yup that's right. Don't worry though, it all goes with the theme and story of this one ;) More to come. I worked for another 11 or so hours yesterday on this one and it's starting to really come together. I'm hoping to have it finished in the next few days.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Further Details on the 20" Qee

If you're subscirbed to the newsletter, then you've already seen these pics. A big thanks to all of those loyal fans for their continued support :)

While these pics look similar to the last batch that I shared, I've added more body details, caverns, overhangs, and the start of it's eye. When putting together the idea for this piece, I pulled a lot of inspiration from Angkor Wat and Mayan temples. Once I had the general direction, I started evolving it into my own creation to fit the giant world I've created. While I won't go into theme quite yet, I will say that this piece will have the most symbolism and largest back story of any of my other customs this far.

Last night I pretty much finished up the sculpting on this piece and I should be painting it by this weekend. I can't wait to bring this all together with a solid base coat.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Details on the 20" Qee

Since I was late on sharing WIP pics over the weekend, I thought I'd share more recent pics so all of you can see where I'm heading. Although these pics aren't current, this is a lot closer to how it looks right now. More detailing and sculpting to go, but getting closer and closer to painting.

Monday, November 15, 2010

20" Qee Madness

I meant to get these up last Friday, but my day went a little crazy and before I knew it it was the weekend and I was back at it working away on this monster. These pics are definitely way behind on what this thing actually looks like now, but I'll share those pics this week. Can't wait to get this thing base coated to bring it all together. I have more detail work to do before that happens though.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today's 20" Update

Since this is such a large show piece, I've decided to show as many WIP updates along the way like I did with BaoBomb. Of course I'll probably taper off toward completion, but I'd like to share as much as possible in the starting phases. Doesn't look too much different in these pics, but the next batch I'll be sharing has a lot more going on. Can't give it all away at once :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More 20" Qee WIP Pics

In my usual WIP sharing fashion, here's what the Qee was looking like a few days ago. I'm further ahead now, but you'll have to wait for those teasers ;) This thing is massive and a TON of fun to work on. A lot more sculpting and detailing to go before any paint hits vinyl. Can't wait to see this behemoth come together in the end.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men...

Couldn't put this Qee back together again. Never fear though, he's going to be ok and better than before once I'm done. At least that's the plan ;D Lots of work to go, so stay tuned for more WIP pics.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Multiversal Group Show - Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

As some of you just saw on Twitter, this mamma jamma just came in from Hong Kong:

I figure it's time I make the official announcement on here. I'll be apart of the Multiversal Group Show at Art Basel Miami this year alongside 7 other fantastic toy customizers for the 'Qee to the City' custom show.

Multiversal isn't all vinyl though, here's a glimpse at what it's all about straight from the homepage:

Multiversal 2010 will feature both established and emerging names from around the world. Their media spans the fine arts including: live art, sculpture, animation, photography, body painting, custom toys and more. Around all of this will swirl a vortex of aerialists, burlesque and belly dancers, exhibitionists, extemporaneous theater, all to the rhythm of live and recorded music – truly a Multiversal human experience that will be open to the public from December 2-5 at Art Basel Miami 2010.

Make sure you click the link above to check out all the great pics from last year and a full lineup of artists and events this year. You can also swing by the facebook page to ensure that everyone will know that you'll be there.

This is my first biggie to customize, so I'm really looking forward to getting started. I have some loose plans but we'll see how they play out once I get started. Stay tuned for WIP shots popping up on here, twitter, flickr, and facebook.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Denim and Monsters

My weekend was filled with lots of denim, booze, candy, and ghoulish revelers here in Columbus. If you haven't already guessed by the picture, Megan and I are sporting the finest 'Canadian Tuxedos' this side of the border. Complete with a denim boutonniere that Megan whipped up for me. Overall the weekend was a blast and fun was had by all. I'd love to see all of your costumes, so please leave links and or pics below for me to see what you were up to over the weekend. We've already started planning our costumes for next year and picked up a few things last night at the Halloween blowout sales they have every year on November 1st.

Next up I've tracked down a shot of my Boy Karma custom at the Little Monsters show lit up by a black light. Something I wanted to do, but cutting it so close to the deadline prohibited me from doing so. A big thanks to Jeremy Brautman for taking some great pics of the show. Check out his flickr for more Little Monsters show pics.

All of the pieces from the Little Monsters show are now available through Task One's webshop. My Mini Mutant Chaos, Mini Bakobas, and GID Boy Karma are all priced at $50 a piece. Please give all of these monsters a good home.

Hope to see some great Halloween pics from all of you.