Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Sencha" Reveal #MINITEATOUR

It's finally time to reveal my custom Mini-Tea for Lunartik's Mini-Tea Tour, meet "Sencha".

The great King Alzamar enjoyed his daily spot of tea in the forests surrounding his kingdom. His advisers always protested this decision, but who were they to defy the King. Upon one of these daily trips, the King spotted a small mushroom he had never seen before. Rising from his down stuffed throne, Alzamar, tea in hand, strolled toward the red mushroom. It's rosy glow drew him in and before he knew what he was doing, he plucked it from the ground.

To Alzamar's surprise, he wasn't holding a mushroom in between his fingers. Instead he was holding the nose of a small troll-like creature, covered in dirt and moss from it's subterranean slumber. The troll suddenly awoke and let out a deafening scream, prompting Alzamar to drop the troll and reel back in horror.

"Wha-What are you?" Alzamar gasped.

"Gumfer!" The troll shouted.

Before Alzamar could respond, Gumfer snatched a small stick from it's pocket and pointed it at Alzamar. A small plume of smoke came from the end of the stick, drifting toward the King. Thinking that all was well and the small creature was just as terrified as Alzamar, the King began to kneel before the creature. At first by choice, but soon his dainty tea cup began to expand and grow.

Peering over the side of the cup, Alzamar watched as Gumfer ran into the brush and his guards looked on in horror. Raising a hand in protest, Alzamar realized not only was something wrong with his cup but he had begun to change as well. Rough brown scales began to develop all over his skin, stiffening joints enlarging and reaching towards the tiny drops of moisture in the bottom of the cup which had turned to stone.

Alzamar felt his legs split and grow in all directions, cresting the top of the cup in the search for more moisture. Never enough moisture, the great thirst began to consume the King's mind. By this time his guards had run off in shock to warn the King's advisers of his demise. None of which were surprised about the turn of events, for they had warned the King for many years of the dangers residing in the forest.

To this day, Alzamar stands inside his giant tea cup. Slowly reaching out to his lost kingdom.

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  1. Nice one TRoy, have just come back fro Pictoplasma and your piece stood out in Matts show. Looks wicked. Story just adds another level. Always love little worlds where only my imagination can run wild. I was there getting some advice from Matt and introducing my little character JesterMouse have a look five me some feedback.
    Cheers James