Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Final Total for #KaijuForJapan

Things have finally settled down a bit here at the Gorilla Mouth camp. I'm happy to say all of the orders for the Kaiju for Japan sale have shipped this week and everyone should start to see packages from me arriving soon.

Even though this idea was born in a spontaneous tweet, the outcome couldn't have been better. Artists from around the globe came together for this cause and really produced some great work to help raise money for this donation. Not only did the artists turnout, the fans did as well. I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me say it, but I have to give another HUGE thanks to all that contributed and who bought something from the sale.

We ended up raising $5985 to donate to Direct Relief International. I chose this organization because all of the money donated will stay in the Japan relief money they collect. They don't spread around the money to different causes and or within the organization. Just like we donated 100% of the money, they keep 100% of the money donated in the cause that it was donated to. This is further explained here.

This sale went even better than I could have hoped and it's all because of the great people involved in our scene. Thanks again for coming together to make this happen!!


  1. Congrats to everyone involved, and a HUGE thanks to Troy for organizing this!!!!

  2. Thanks again for setting everything up Troy! Great result on the benefit!!!