Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chaosman WIP for Kaiju for Japan

As some of you have already seen, this is the Chaosman custom I'm doing for Kaiju for Japan. Although the first pics I shared I didn't show the details I had started on the back. Since he'll look a lot different the next time I share pics, I figured I'd go ahead and share those details. I carried the insect/reptile/organic look from the glyos custom I'm doing, but I'll be implementing design details from his head into the body as well. I had to go back to the dentist yesterday which took me out of commission for the day, I'll be getting back to work tonight.

Stay tuned for more WIP pics of this custom, plus more information and contributions for the Kaiju for Japan sale happening April 22nd.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kaiju for Japan Update #2

I'm happy to announce that there are now 80 contributors for the sale! 81 if you count me and I'm sure a few more will pop up before the sale goes live April 22nd. I've decided to stick with my original idea and make this a fixed price sale instead of an auction. Certain aspects of an auction deterred me away from that route.

The Gorilla Mouth store will become Kaiju for Japan central for the sale. I've taken my store down for the time being so I can start to build the KfJ shop. The contributions have started to show up and man are they looking great!

Although I named the Red Cross in my initial post, I've been doing a lot of research as to which relief fund we'll be donating all of the money too. One of the latest organizations that was passed along to me is Second Harvest if you'd like to check it out as well. As mentioned in the last post Direct Relief International is another organization I've really been looking into.

Here's a few more peeks of some of the contributions that have come in:

Mikie Graham -

Mark Nagata -

1 of 2 Contributions from Plaseebo -

More previews to come. Thanks again to all of you who have contributed your time and skills to this cause. Another big thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word about Kaiju for Japan. This sale is larger than I had expected and it's been great to see all of you coming together!!


"Nesuto" Custom Foomi for MUNNYWORLD

Despite the late arrival of my Foomi for MUNNYWORLD and my unexpected dental emergency this week, I was able to get my latest custom "Nesuto" done last night. Thankfully as soon as I saw the Foomi platform, I knew the direction that I wanted to head with this Munnsai. Knowing the direction I wanted to go, made the long nights of work go by smoothly.

Since I was playing catch up yesterday at my day job and I had to finish this custom last night, I didn't get to do the Kaiju for Japan update that I wanted to. I'll be building that post today so I can publish it later today or tomorrow morning. I can say that I've received even more contributions and that this sale is going to be great! Stay tuned for more details and a huge thanks to all that have contacted me about the fundraiser.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Sencha" Teaser

Here's another teaser of my custom mini Tea "Sencha" for the Mini Tea Tour. I'll do a full reveal soon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Kaiju for Japan" Update

(Graphic created by Maiya Kinoshita)

Since I launched my original post last Friday, the response I've received from artists all over the world has been amazing!! Right now we're sitting at about 60 contributors and the emails keep coming in it seems. I want to give a huge thanks to all of you great people for contributing your time and skills to this cause. I'd also like to thank all of the bloggers and other people who have helped spread the word about the fundraiser.

Below is a list of links to make donations right now. Look at this sale as a Phase 2 initiative in helping our friends in Japan. A lot of these organizations need financial help now and will continue to need help while Japan rebuilds.

Japanese Red Cross
American Red Cross
Direct Relief International
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Shelter Box
Doctors Without Borders
Mercy Corps

(If you know of any other organizations, please pass along their information.)

I'm still working out the details about where this sale will live, but I'll have all of that nailed down soon enough. Friday, April 22nd will be the sale launch date.

For any of you that are still interested in contributing something, please email me at that way I can start to include you in the updates I've been sending out. The deadline for contributions is Thursday, April 14th .

As I mentioned above, the response to this cause has been phenomenal! I wanted to share a few of the contributions that have come in so far. I'll be sharing more pics as we approach the sale, so keep an eye out for more updates soon.

Mike Nordstrom from Garamania is donating this awesome custom Ultraman Max Pygmon:

Paul Kaiju has come through in a big way with a wave of mini "Chibi" Alien Welts:

J.E. Moore has given two of his hand cast Bat Winged Gompers:

Before ending this post, I'd like to mention another great auction going on for Japan being put on by Rotofugi. Make sure you stop over there to check out the awesome one of a kind Big Muscamoots on sale.

That should wrap things up for now, but I'll definitely keep all of you up to date as we approach the sale.

Thanks again everyone!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kaiju for Japan

**I received the link for the Japanese Red Cross so that you can donate money there directly.**

By now I'm sure all of you have heard of the terrible destruction that has rocked Japan. I also know that some of you have probably already donated to the Red Cross Earthquake/Tsunami relief fund, but I thought we toy makers could help out as well. Seeing that many of our favorite characters and toys come from and or have been inspired by Japanese influences.

This is where all of the Kaiju customizers and other toy customziers come into play. Since the homeland of our passion has been struck with disaster, it's time for us to stand up and raise money for the country with our creations. I'd like to get as many customs as possible from creators around the world to sell off for a large donation to the relief fund. One piece from an artist is enough, but if you feel like you'd like to contribute more feel free. It doesn't have to be a new piece either, anything you'd like to contribute is fine.

Once I get a handle on the amount of toys we'll have for sale, I'll put together an online shop for people to buy them. All of the proceeds will go directly to the relief fund.

If you're interested please leave a comment below or email me at

Also if anyone knows of a better organization to donate the money to other than the Red Cross, please let me know and we'll look into donating to that fund instead. I know that the Red Cross can be slow to distribute the money, so I want to make sure our donations end up in the right hands.

Thanks to Maiya Kinoshita I now have this post translated into Japanese. I heard there was some confusion when the post was translated.

3月11日 金曜日







Troy Stith のブログ、Gorilla Mouthより。


Well it's been tough to keep this under wraps, but it's finally time to reveal the Mini Tea Tour! Lots of great artists from around the world are contributing to this massive show. Matt has done a great job with the site, so make sure to check out all the goodies over there.

Here's a WIP teaser of my tea for the show. Full reveal coming soon ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Aplastar" Smash Commission

Well it took a little while to knock out with everything else going on but thankfully @mhisey26 was patient with me and I finished up his custom Smash "Aplastar".

Aplastar Pass is the gateway to the great kingdom of Veroma. A kingdom renowned for it's grandeur and open hospitality. Yet it's shiny facade soon disappears under the threat of danger. The great monolith 'Aplastar' that guards the waterway, is said to wake and protect the pass. Turning enemy ships into kindling, while at the same time stomping and smashing foes on land. While no survivors have lived to tell the tale of Aplastar, it's legend lives on in the hearts of dastardly sea dogs across the land. The kingdom of Veroma has stood the test of time and will continue to flourish under the watchful fists of Aplastar.