Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Armored Brush

Armored Brush is a new endeavor I'm starting with my Canadian pal Jason Sao Bento (@Jay21Art). As many of you may or may not know, my style is heavily influenced by my geeky background in wargaming. While vinyl eats up most of my time these days, I've been pushing hard to get back to my roots. Armored Brush is the first step in that direction.

As you can see, Jason has already been busy building our site and doing a couple tutorial videos. Expect more of this from both of us soon. We'll also be doing product reviews, releasing our own base kits, dioramas, and a ton of other cool features. While we're still in our infancy, we already have a plethora of ideas stored up for all of you.

We'll be focusing not only on wargaming, but also on models, kaiju, and any other related hobbies we've dabbled in over the years. Between the two of us, we've learned a lot of helpful hints and tips through trial and error. Now it's time to share those tips.

While I may do a post or two here about Armored Brush, make sure you're following the blog for the most up to date news.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Final Total for #KaijuForJapan

Things have finally settled down a bit here at the Gorilla Mouth camp. I'm happy to say all of the orders for the Kaiju for Japan sale have shipped this week and everyone should start to see packages from me arriving soon.

Even though this idea was born in a spontaneous tweet, the outcome couldn't have been better. Artists from around the globe came together for this cause and really produced some great work to help raise money for this donation. Not only did the artists turnout, the fans did as well. I know everyone is probably tired of hearing me say it, but I have to give another HUGE thanks to all that contributed and who bought something from the sale.

We ended up raising $5985 to donate to Direct Relief International. I chose this organization because all of the money donated will stay in the Japan relief money they collect. They don't spread around the money to different causes and or within the organization. Just like we donated 100% of the money, they keep 100% of the money donated in the cause that it was donated to. This is further explained here.

This sale went even better than I could have hoped and it's all because of the great people involved in our scene. Thanks again for coming together to make this happen!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"The Wanderer" for Vinyl Roots at Dragatomi

It's time to finally reveal my pieces for the Vinyl Roots show at Dragatomi this Saturday, May 14th.


This marks the third day of my journey to the Caverns of Yandor. The strange trees of the Daven Forest never cease to amaze my eyes with their twists and turns. Each one seems to be watching you walk through their land. Although I doubted the tales I heard of the forest at the beginning of the trail, after two restless nights of peering eyes I've changed my outlook. In theory, the route I have laid out will put me at the Screaming Twins in a few more days, but this forest has proven anything but predictable. Thorny vines and troublesome mud seem to grow thicker and sloppier as I continue forward, I can only hope this stint of prickly luck will end soon.


Finally reaching the end of the Daven Forests, I came across the Screaming Twins. The Twins were cut down for the great totems of Yandor. To the horror of the men, the trees began to wail while they sawed through them. Deafening the men closest and scarring everyone involved, the job was carried out and the site quickly abandoned. The Twins have since silenced, yet their wretched faces remain entombed forever.


After a monotonous trek through the Rufian Plains, I arrived at the totems of Yandor. Although the totems stand a mile away, they serve as the entrance to the caverns. Standing as a warning of the woes and wonderment of what lie ahead. While historians argue about who the six faces represent, my personal belief is that each represents a former shaman of the land that fought for control in Tu'R'Land. Good and evil of the land have been at odds since the beginning of time, and the Caverns of Yandor stood as a sacred ground to both the dark and light worshippers of the land. While we still find ourselves at odds with the menacing shadows of the land, our conquest of the caverns has just begun.


Even though I was so close to the caverns, I stayed the night at the totems. Not only preparing for my descent into the caverns, but to prepare myself mentally for the horrors I may encounter in the depths of the caverns. The sheer size of the tree that has taken root on top of the cavern speaks of the power of this land. The cave or something that resides within the cave appears to be sucking the life from the large tree. All I know is that if I'm to fully document the wonders of Tu'R'Land, then my journey must continue. For the Caverns of Yandor is the only passage to the great lands of Maroneen.

Full color pics of all the pieces are over in my flickr.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vinyl Roots Teaser

Here's a first look at a couple of the pieces that will be in the Vinyl Roots show at Dragatomi May 14th. Obviously I don't want to give away much about where I'm heading for this show, but I figured all of you might like an early glimpse ;) The vortex in the center is another piece I'm working on, but you'll have to wait for finished pics of that one. A lot more to come!