Monday, August 29, 2011

Operation Move Is Complete!

It seems since the trip out West my life has been in fast-forward, but I'm happy to announce that Megan and I are now in our new place and loving it. Thanks to our kickass friends and family we were able to get the place up and going faster. Yesterday we were able to focus on getting the studio room setup, which we'll be splitting down the middle. Although you can see the differences between our sides now, it'll look like night and day once we're done decorating it haha.

Now that life has gotten back to normal somewhat, I'll be getting back to work in a big way! First up on the to-do list are the commissions that my very patient fans have been waiting on. Putting the secret Kaiju project into motion. Plus getting ready for DCon which I can't wait to start on. I've got some new ideas for DCon and it'll be a mixture of my usual style in new ways plus Kaiju customs! I won't give away too much right now but I'm planning on some cool stuff for the Con. I'm sure there is a lot more on that list, but these are the top 3 priorities at the moment.

Lots more to come!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SDCC, Portland, and the Horizon

After a week and half of vacation I'm now on day three of reality. Megan and I ended up taking close to 500 pics on the trip, the slideshows are posted below. We had a blast on this trip and like most vacations it went WAY too quick. It was awesome to finally meet the Toyfam! After SDCC we jumped a plane to Portland to visit a friend up there and to unplug for awhile. After staying there a week I can say that city is fantastic! Who wouldn't like walking out there door and spotting Mt Hood in the distance? Overall the trip couldn't have went better, which made it harder to come back home.



On another note, you'll have another chance to glimpse my custom mini tea "Sencha" at Forbidden Planet in London starting August 5th.

I'm still debating if I'll be going to DCon or not this year, but I'm leaning toward making it out there. Although I'll need somewhere to crash or someone to split room costs with. If you're interested let me know, leave a comment or shoot me an email

Besides planning and executing for DCon, I'm currently working on some commissions and working on the early stages of a secret kaiju project. More details about all of this will be revealed in the future.