Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Are Not Toys

The amazing Task One has put together an awesome exhibit of photoshop skills and custom toys for a new project called We Are Not Toys.

We are not toys started after I photoshopped one of my own custom designer toys into a video game background. Someplace I thought it might live or might be it's natural habitat. Being a great admirer of all the artists around me and in my field, I wondered what some of their creations might look like with the same treatment. What started out as fun, turned into a bit of OCD and before I knew it I had a hundred of these images. I figured what better
to do with them then share them with all of you.

The name comes from the struggle that the custom designer toy artist goes through in this newer genre of contemporary art. Each piece may have started with a vinyl toy skelaton, But with the help of the artists hands has become a one of kind original piece of art. The materials needed at times being way higher in price and time spent painting all angles of a figure sometimes far exceed that of a canvas. With your final piece still referred to or considered a toy, It's a challenge to make a living or charge even minimum wage for your skill or talent as you would with finished paintings.

100% of the prophet after the cost of printing each print goes go to the artist. So, please help support these great artists, snatch one up and give it a good home. The calanders are slightly above costs which pay for site promotion and
shipping materials. The Book is being sold at the cost it took to make each one upon order to help spread the artist's work around and to stay affordable to you. So is not making any money off the artists or backgrounds.
which bring us to our disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: We here at are in the long and tideious process of contacting and obtaining permission for some of the photos used in the backgrounds of these images. Some photos may be up for a limited time and subject to change.

Hope you enjoy...

Task One

Head over to the site and grab a print, calendar, or book!! This is one fantastic idea I'm happy to see come to life.