Friday, April 6, 2012

The Forlorn

I figured it's time to shed a little light on all the doodles you've been seeing from me lately. It was my goal at the beginning of this year to get my pen moving, drawing has never been my strong suit and I wanted to change that. Upon doing so, I've stumbled into a whole new world of characters and story.

If you've been watching my twitter/flickr feeds you know I've been referring to these characters as 'The Forlorn'. Although they look sad, they weren't always the glum faced, empty chested souls you've been seeing. Their story will start to emerge and progress as I take them from doodle to many different mediums to convey their story.

While I won't delve to far into their storyline right now, be ready for a lot of cool new things with this cast of characters. I have a lot of plans for them and I will be sharing the progress along the way. I will be updating their progress on this blog, but I've also started a Tumblr dedicated to just The Forlorn if you're on there and would like to keep up. I'll be changing and upgrading the look of that site, as I gather more material.

'Whispers' The darker side of The Forlorn's world.