Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yuudoku Full Reveal in Resin & Wax! #Kaiju

Yup this is a double whammy kinda day! Just got a pic of Yuudoku in wax form from Mark, so we figured we might as well share everything with you at this point :) The wax master is heading to the iron mold factory today, the next time we see him he'll be made of pure sofubi goodness. The top pics are of the resin master I sent to Japan before I cut it in half, his tentacles are being held on with clay for the pics. Yuudoku will be articulated at 3 points, both tentacles and at the waist. Plus, his removable eye, will come in a variety of colors depending on the mood we're in when popping them in. The bottom pic is Yuudoku in wax that I received from Mark a couple of hours ago.

Yuudoku's Header Card

Thanks to my friend Marc Fulton, we wrapped up Yuudoku's header card last night. We're getting closer and closer to his official release! I can't wait to see everything together. I know we're moving forward on the production front in Japan, but I don't have a firm date yet. But as we move along, I should have a release date soon enough.