Friday, September 28, 2012

Yuudoku Colorway Sale Details Plus More!

Now that the first colorway of Yuudokus have made it safely to Max Toy Co headquarters, it's time to share sale details.

The first Yuudoku colorway will go on sale next Wednesday, October 3rd in the Max Toy Shop for $30 each.

Also in Yuudoku news; he was reviewed in Toy Break episode 230 (11:34). I want to give a big thanks to the Toy Break crew for featuring him on the show. To answer George's question, they are tentacles. But if you want to paint them as horns go for it!

Lastly, I know I've seen 2 custom Yuudokus so far, but I've created a flickr group to share your Yuudoku pics (blank or customized). Please feel free to stop by and share your pics with everyone.

(Custom By Nanite)

(Custom By Hip Hop Robot)

I think that covers about everything for now. Stay tuned for more Yuudoku news. I have a custom alt version of Yuudoku I'll be putting into action soon, plus some one-offs. 

If you follow me on twitter you know I'm getting close to 30k tweets. I'm only 8 away right now, so I've been quiet on there. I'll be doing a giveaway for my 30,000th tweet soon.